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Highlights about DraftKing sports bookmaker

DraftKings has one of the most user-friendly interfaces in both desktop and mobile versions. In 2012, Jason Robin, Paul Liberman, and Matt Kalish in Boston initially founded Drafting. In just two years, they were the second-largest online betting operator in the market.

The website has easy-to-use navigation so that you can easily find an event and Bet. They regularly update bonuses and promos on their homepage. They also nearly organize all the bets on their homepage so that you can easily find the events of your choice.

Compared to other betting sites, Drafting lists all the bets on a single page, so that you can easily sort out the various markets including bet and more.

Bonuses and promotionsdraftkings promo

Betting does not need any experience or level of expertise. Interested bettors can take advantage of high-value sign-up offers, codes, promotions, and daily bonuses to find positive aspects of opportunities in the area of excel.

Due to its large customer base, drafting offers some of the most competitive ways to boost betting bankroll from their sign-up process and ongoing bonus loyalty promotion.

Positive feedback of DraftKingdraftkings positive feedback

  • Easy bet slip functionality: Drafting provides a seamless process in finding bets for the bettors. Choose a bet from a bet slip and t add more bets. You can easily find a slip without researching or exploring.
  • Intuitive sport navigation: Drafting has smartly organized its bet type into a tired structure which is slightly easier to navigate on desktop but perfectly fine on mobile. Users can easily choose their sports and can categorize them according to their betting category. For example, for the NFL, you will get a team’s future, player props, game lines, and more.  Just select one of them and you will get more betting types. For example, if you select the team’s future, you will see the division Super bowl, win totals, and more cool stuff.  You can also choose specific games and see more betting types.
  • Attractive and functional user interference: Drafting provides a dark mode, which is very eye soothing for the bettors. You can easily navigate the website as the texts were in green color. It is easy to find what you are searching for as a color contrast is good, something we haven’t found to be an issue in their competitors.

Negative feedback of DraftKingdraftkings negative feedback

Occasionally freezing and glitching:  Sometimes the customers who are using the Drafting app have to redownload their app as it freezes and does not load. It is a rare case with some players but it’s quite frustrating when it does.


While you are navigating the Draft King app in a few minutes you will realize that this app wants two things for the user to opt into firstly, promotion, and second to play online casino. Playing online casinos has a higher margin than other sports betting.

It is very frustrating that whenever you go to the new screen these two points always appeared in front of you. In user feedback, such negative comments were around for casino experiences rather than the sportsbook.