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Online cricket betting tips and strategies

The game itself must be understood before you can place bets because without understanding the game, you would not know what to do with the best market available to you. Your ability to make good decisions can greatly influence your cricket betting strategy. The following are some betting tips for placing bets online on cricket.

Be familiar with your team’s form

The fact that you can’t guarantee your bets are correct is because you don’t know the history of the team. Check the last 3-5 games played, wins, and losses the team has undergone against the opposition and other teams.

Follow the Player’s formplayer's form

When you want to bet on a player, make sure you follow his form, regardless if it is his ability to score a century or take maximum wickets. An incorrect bet would be on a player on a market who hasn’t struck a fifty in recent matches or who has had an expensive bowling game.

The Pitch Report is important

Regardless of a team’s form, its match result could be affected if it loses toss in a field that favours batters or bowlers. At this point, you need to recalculate your betting decision.

Compared with top bookmakers odds for bets

compare odds

There are largely the same odds at every bookmaker, but studying the pattern at the bookmaker you want to bet with would be an error-proof way to put money on. There are high chances of winning bets when multiple bookmakers agree that odds are low on a particular bet market. If you want to bet on the match result, the winning side, or any other market, check with which bookmakers have the best odds.

Popular Cricket Betting Markets

  1. Winning a match. In one of the busiest betting markets, fans and punters are putting big money on “To Win the Match”. Anyone watching a cricket match between teams has an opinion on which team will win. Although many novice bettors examine the individual team performances and the head-to-head stats between the two teams, many fans or punters simply bet blindly on their country.
  2. Winning the toss. Winning the toss takes part in determining the outcome of the match since the pitch plays a crucial role. A bet on ‘To win the toss’ involves predicting the toss winner. Instead of the tournament as a whole, this market allows for every single match. Since To win the Toss is largely a luck-based bet, team performance or individual form are not taken into account.
  3. Man of the match. The Man of the match bet market takes place before the end of a series or a tournament and involves punters placing their money on the player they think will be voted Man of the Match. In this form of betting market, there are no bets open throughout all matches of the tournament but are placed at the end. Bets are placed here on the wicketkeeper or bowler who would top their performance in the match and win the trophy. Understanding the odds for this market requires you to keep an eye on the performance and form of players in both teams.

Betting on online cricket is also popular in the following markets:

  • The highest opening partnership
  • Batsman to score 50
  • To score a century by the batsman
  • Total runs
  • Most match sixes
  • Top bowler
  • Top batsman